Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Re-examine - MGS

Ghosts, origins, allies, enemies.. and of course an identity crisis "Who Am I"
When you look around, just about everyone & everything wanders through life, figuring out who they really are. But when a game, no a masterpiece, questions those things when you're "enjoying it as a game". Awhile back, most games were mostly from getting to point a to b, till rpgs & action titles surfaced. From then on it became a test of survival, and proving yourself to the end.

Synonymous with theories, conspiracies, and even beliefs. MGS has always been one of those series that defines the human texture of "inspiration", to "protecting one's humanity". So who is the real enemy? Your brother, or yourself? Or someone completely inhuman?

This mini-series of articles, I am currently working on will examine the various things covered in MGS (and other noteworthy projects that novel within a cyberpunk terrain)

Monday, June 16, 2008

Getting over the barrier

There is something to be said when, a game goes past so many hours. And you've only completed a handful of its missions (or sub-missions). You might begin to ask yourself "So does this end yet?" or "What is entertaining about this game?"

Although I may be one of the few, I enjoyed GTA IV on what it did deliver. 1) mixed gameplay, 2) choices - but do all paths lead the same way?, 3) variety, 4) its missing something... oh I don't know called "limits". To be truthful, I have never been crazy about the sandbox genre. Even though I gave GTA IV my best shot, my interest just fell apart. Seeing the in-game clock go nearly over 50 hours, and barely touched 40% of the actual story campaign. At that time, I didn't feel like I accomplished anything at all with the game itself.

When it comes down to it, this game can be fun with friends (do not play it vs total strangers, its like entering Halo online, and getting shot by your own team to confiscate their train of illogical thought.) But after awhile, seeing just how much the mp mode offered, and what I really enjoyed.. its a mixed bag. I chose to rent it via GameFly (and a bit thankful), as much critique this game receives... its not something I imagine finishing.

So does Niko have a conscience? I seriously wonder, after seeing his motives with the plotline I created by taking out a said character, left a web of intrigue and frustration. At first, it felt like a "usual suspects" type of ordeal, until you become a headhunter; you start to lose the character after awhile. It may be open terrain to go anywhere, and do everything (but you're actually limited). What also bugged me, was that I didn't feel compassion for Niko anymore. (in my mind, that says "enough")

I understand its not a game for everyone (yet its a best seller, numbers just over-exaggerate).
Will I buy it in the future? Not really, after seeing how far "the tunnel goes", I've seen enough.