Sunday, September 25, 2011

The next route ahead

Greetings if anyone reads this blog much. Just thought I'd share a mini update.
Currently waiting on King of Fighters XIII, and Sonic Generations

I haven't played KOF since 2k3, so I have some catching up to do. Heard XII was so-so.
I have faith that thirteen may be a driving force again.

Sonic Generations looks insanely promising, mixing the old with the new. Including the timeline paradigm shift, so anything that can, will happen. Worlds crossing over, and its a race to save time itself.
Sorta feels like Doctor Who all of a sudden. ^^;

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Bayonetta After Climax (mini post)

After my recent play through on easy, I dared to take on Normal Mode. What a dark surprise, the game gets a bit more challenging. But I did obtain several techniques and other extras. Something to look forward to.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Mini Review: Spider-man: Shattered Dimensions

When Spider-man / Peter Parker made the choice to become a hero, it was because of his Uncle's death that lead his destiny. But its when a villain takes all of his choices away, the destiny of four other Spiders must align to change their timeline and save their worlds.

Shattered Dimensions is a mixed title, a platformer, beat-em up, and a first person adventure. (and dare I say boxing) that part comes later. As a platformer, its a traditional from point a to b design, until you wind up smack dab taking on obstacles, and a various assortment of roller coaster rides. SD is unlike any other game in the franchise, altogether it is a refreshing take on the Spider-man series (it even rivals Batman Arkham Asylum, or so I have been told).

Control setup is fluid, and is quick as a dime. Plus it doesn't have to be memorized, as you are able to gain new abilities, what you gain gives your chosen Spidey a bit more inertia than before. Therein unlockables are plenty, from choosing new attacks, to health, and spidey sense upgrades. In addition, costumes are also a neat extra. Plus the difficulty levels vary, from Easy, to Normal, and Hard.
Oh and of course this game is filled with plenty of easter eggs. If you missed picking up this title when it came out, do yourself a favor and snag a friendly copy.

Those who are waiting for the next chapter "Edge of Time" definitely need to play this game first. As it unravels a lot more than one storyline, but the consequences of the ongoing comic series currently running.
Bonus goodie #1 in issue #500, Peter experiences a "what if" dream state that he is in the pouring rain, about me arrested by police. Adoring a jacket very closely resembling the Noir Spider-man.
#2 Many of the villains are from the Sinister Six
#3 And before the Ultimate Spidey's untimely shift in gears
#4 2099 is a reflection of what could be... Edge of Time we experience things from the future's perspective because of the outcome in Peter's choice herein Shattered Dimensions.
And the current comics storylines are also being crossed with this really intense series... so who knows where things may go next.