Monday, October 31, 2011

Generations - Day 0

Sonic Generations is one of the best kept secrets for the past ten years. To be honest, many fans knew of some surprise that could happen yet not exactly how it would unfold. There were some rumors if both the original and the newer Sonic could ever originate in the same universe. Like Doctor Who (whom was able to interact with his former selves) the idea came to mind. And thus Generations was born. How long ago? Ten years.. this actually was said to be Adventure 3, but it was meant to be locked away for ten years, the time wasn't quite right.

Sonic CD was one of the most scrutinized titles to date. If a parallel world could co-exist, how could the original converge a journey with the present? Thus the question is answered, Generations is that exact tale. The aftermath of the Time Stones unlocked the Little Planet's polarity setting things right. However Colors journey was the exact opposite, those creatures were the basis of the stones in elements of said colors (now the unveiled Dimensions) title to be part of WiiU's library.
Now for the music of the past.. that was by far the toughest obstacle for Sega to get over. For a long time many of the rights were lost after Sega folded as a third party. Just like a music producing company, they would need to buy all the rights, titles, and tracks to create a full release. (which many fans have demanded ever since the original CD was released) versus the European to Japanese soundtrack. At present we have a new rendition on arrival which makes me wonder how it may be loved or disliked.

Awhile back many of us fans received a fun bundle of goodies for the tenth anniversary. A blue box with a booklet, etched coin, and embossed cd. I have yet to actually play that cd again sometime soon. But within that booklet was a revised tale of how the character came to be. It was a welcome gift to what's next tomorrow (or today for our overseas friends).

Happy birthday Blue Buddy!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Replay - Sonic the Hedgehog 06

In celebration of the "True Blue's" birthday, I thought about replaying 2k6, not only to refresh myself. But gain a better understanding why so many dislike its finished input.

1) Glitches = There are plenty, but they can be overcome with enough patience.
But it doesn't break the game for me, which I never felt like it made the game unplayable.
Its what reminds me of Tomb Raider, it just needed more polish. Yet it is as awesome experience.

2) Music = Quite possibly the most ethereal soundtracks within the entire series
After playing through Sonic's chapter, I have been listening to a variety of stage BGM's.
Honestly I never listened to the music through headphones before. Wow.

3) How it ends = Every character holds their own, even in the final segment.
Actually I think 2k6 got this strange "time" ball rolling. And here we are again in 2011, revisiting the "time" aspect. With a variety of game titles using it as a gameplay mechanism all over again.

Just felt like writing after a crazy week. My mom was in the hospital due to a drug reaction for pain beta blockers. Thankfully she is doing way better and @ home. ^_^